Packing Essentials

Even the most organised of people can lose the plot when it comes to packing, or forget to pack an essential item. Some people just throw everything in a suitcase whilst others make endless lists and research what’s available at their destination.

Arriving at your destination and realising that you have forgotten a key item can be frustrating, disappointing and sometimes upsetting, as some things just aren’t replaceable, even in 5 star accommodations. It can be even more difficult to source replacements when staying in self-catering cottages/accommodation as you don’t have the benefits of a reception/concierge to source things for you.

However organised you are, and how ever many lists you make, the chances are at some point in your life you have left something behind at home. We have put together below a list of the items most commonly forgotten when packing for a holiday or short break:

• Prescription medication
• Toothbrush/toothpaste
• Travel adaptor (if travelling abroad)
• Memory card
• Portable phone charger
• Childs comfort blanket
• Childs favourite toy
• Childs favourite drinks cup
• Cot bedding
• Raincoat
• Passport (if travelling abroad)
• Driving License
• Phone charger
• Hair straighteners
• Tablet/camera/device charger

There are no hard and fast rules for remembering, but either writing or typing lists on your phone can help. Wherever you are going, there is likely to be a chemist, pharmacy or supermarket to replace toiletries and some other items.

Certain apps like “Around Me” will also tell you where the nearest chemist/supermarket is for example. In fact downloading the right apps before you go can be invaluable. Apps for weather, transport, accommodation, currency, language translation, budget, and entertainment and flight trackers can provide so much help and information wherever you are. One of my favourite apps to use in a city is Citymapper giving real time departure information and what train, tube, bus or walking route to take to your chosen destination including station exits.

Children’s comfort blankets, and favourite cuddly toys however are more difficult to replace. I remember my daughter leaving her favourite cuddly toy George at Cork airport in Ireland. I even filled in a lost property form for him and put his name on the form despite his name not being visible any where on him. He was never returned but we were fortunate enough to have an exact replica given to us by someone hearing our plight. George II was then left on an outside seat at a hotel in Cyprus and this time got posted back to us. My daughter is 16 now and still has him and loves him. So to conclude, try to never forget the above items and download any apps that may enhance your trip!!